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17 results from year 1992 found in the database (125 images)

Alchemy (Vogue UK May 1992)
Credits: Sheila Metzner

Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) 

Ambiance couture (L'Officiel France March 1992)
Credits: Jonathan Lennard

L'Officiel (France-1992) L'Officiel (France-1992) 

Easy pieces for the great escape (Vogue UK April 1992)
Credits: Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) 

Jagged edge (Elle UK May 1992)
Credits: Andrew Mc Pherson

Elle (UK-1992) Elle (UK-1992) Elle (UK-1992) Elle (UK-1992) Elle (UK-1992) Elle (UK-1992) Elle (UK-1992) 

Lo stile della pelle (Marie Claire Italy September 1992)

Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) Marie Claire (Italy-1992) 

Mettetevi in luce (Moda Italy May 1992)
Credits: Marco Sacchi

Moda (Italy-1992) Moda (Italy-1992) Moda (Italy-1992) Moda (Italy-1992) Moda (Italy-1992) Moda (Italy-1992) Moda (Italy-1992) 

Moderne allure (Vogue Germany November 1992)
Credits: Mario Testino

Vogue (Germany-1992) Vogue (Germany-1992) Vogue (Germany-1992) Vogue (Germany-1992) 

Out of the woods (Vogue USA November 1992)
Credits: Wayne Maser

Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) 

Peach season (Allure USA May 1992)
Credits: Fabrizio Ferri

Allure (USA-1992) Allure (USA-1992) Allure (USA-1992) Allure (USA-1992) Allure (USA-1992) 

Radical chic (Vogue USA July 1992)
Credits: Roxanne Lowit

Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) 

Runway report 1992 (Vogue USA January 1992)

Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) 

Schonheitsschlaf (Marie Claire Germany March 1992)
Credits: Sante d'Orazio

Marie Claire (Germany-1992) Marie Claire (Germany-1992) Marie Claire (Germany-1992) 

Streetcar of desire (Harper's Bazaar USA June 1992)
Credits: Phillip Dixon

Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) Harper's Bazaar (USA-1992) 

Tatjana (Marie Claire Germany July 1992)
Credits: Peter Lindbergh

Marie Claire (Germany-1992) Marie Claire (Germany-1992) Marie Claire (Germany-1992) Marie Claire (Germany-1992) 

Tatjana Patitz (Max Germany 1992)
Credits: Herb Ritts

Max (Germany-1992) Max (Germany-1992) 

The long cool summer (Vogue USA July 1992)
Credits: Hans Feurer

Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) Vogue (USA-1992) 

The wildest dreams (Vogue UK October 1992)
Credits: Max Vadukul

Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992) Vogue (UK-1992)