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10 results from year 1985 found in the database (60 images)

A strong sense of ease (Vogue USA December 1985)
Credits: Andrea Blanch

Vogue (USA-1985) Vogue (USA-1985) Vogue (USA-1985) 

Fein in groben maschen (Cosmopolitan Germany December 1985)

Cosmopolitan (Germany-1985) Cosmopolitan (Germany-1985) Cosmopolitan (Germany-1985) Cosmopolitan (Germany-1985) Cosmopolitan (Germany-1985) Cosmopolitan (Germany-1985) 

L'allure d'un look (Vogue France August 1985)
Credits: Peter Lindbergh

Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) 

Leather luxe (Elle USA December 1985)
Credits: Gilles Bensimon

Elle (USA-1985) Elle (USA-1985) Elle (USA-1985) Elle (USA-1985) 

Les pois explosent (Madame Figaro France March 1985)
Credits: Andre Carrara

Madame Figaro (France-1985) Madame Figaro (France-1985) Madame Figaro (France-1985) Madame Figaro (France-1985) Madame Figaro (France-1985) Madame Figaro (France-1985) 

Les trucs des Top-Models (Elle France November 1985)

Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) Elle (France-1985) 

Modern beauty - Color illusion, enhancement, pure (Vogue USA December 1985)
Credits: Irving Penn

Vogue (USA-1985) Vogue (USA-1985) 

Sunny golden glints (Elle UK March 1985)

Elle (UK-1985) Elle (UK-1985) 

Un soir court et fourreau (Vogue France September 1985)
Credits: Horst P. Horst

Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) 

Vacances sauvages (Vogue France May 1985)
Credits: Peter Beard

Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985) Vogue (France-1985)