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(Louisa Models ? 2010)

Louisa Models (?-2010) Louisa Models (?-2010) Louisa Models (?-2010) 

60 lara donus (Marie Claire Turkey September 2010)

Marie Claire (Turkey-2010) Marie Claire (Turkey-2010) Marie Claire (Turkey-2010) Marie Claire (Turkey-2010) Marie Claire (Turkey-2010) 

Bienvenido a Hollywood (Glamour Argentina May 2010)
Credits: Doug Inglish

Glamour (Argentina-2010) 

City Hunter (GQ Taiwan June 2010)
Credits: Chiun Kai Shih

GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) GQ (Taiwan-2010) 

Comment bien choisir son manteau... (GQ France December 2010)
Credits: Barnaby Roper

GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) GQ (France-2010) 

From catwalk to red carpet (BMM Italy Autumn 2010)
Credits: Stefano Moro

BMM (Italy-2010) BMM (Italy-2010) BMM (Italy-2010) BMM (Italy-2010) 

Ho imparato a piangere (Vanity Fair Italy March 2010)

Vanity Fair (Italy-2010) Vanity Fair (Italy-2010) 

Il quarto stella della moda (Uomo Book Moda Italy March 2010)

Uomo Book Moda (Italy-2010) Uomo Book Moda (Italy-2010) 

L'uomo Dolce & Gabbana 20e anniversaire (L'officiel Hommes France February 2010)
Credits: Milan Vukmirovic

L'officiel Hommes (France-2010) L'officiel Hommes (France-2010) 

Men in the city (Grazia Italy July 2010)
Credits: Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) Grazia (Italy-2010) 

Red Hot & Blue (GQ Germany 2010)
Credits: Joe Lally

GQ (Germany-2010) GQ (Germany-2010) GQ (Germany-2010) GQ (Germany-2010) GQ (Germany-2010) GQ (Germany-2010) 

Riviera Style (H&M Mag USA Summer 2010)
Credits: Alexi Lubomirski

H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) H&M Mag (USA-2010) 

Samantha's toy boy (V Mag USA 2010)
Credits: Mark Abrahams

V Mag (USA-2010) 

Sex and the city (Paper Magazine USA May 2010)
Credits: Alan Mercer

Paper Magazine (USA-2010) 

Start (GQ Germany Spring Summer 2010)
Credits: Giampaolo Sgura

GQ (Germany-2010) 

Style crush (Loulou Canada Summer 2010)

Loulou (Canada-2010) 

The barely there beard (Details USA February 2010)

Details (USA-2010) 

Uomini (Mariano Vivanco's book Book 2010)

Mariano Vivanco's book (Book-2010) Mariano Vivanco's book (Book-2010)