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Biarritz (FHM Germany Spring Summer 2007)
Credits: Ali Kepenek

FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) FHM (Germany-2007) 

Blame it on Brazil (Vanity Fair USA September 2007)
Credits: Mario Testino

Vanity Fair (USA-2007) Vanity Fair (USA-2007) Vanity Fair (USA-2007) Vanity Fair (USA-2007) 

Evandro (Visionaire USA Nr.52-2007)
Credits: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot

Visionaire (USA-2007) Visionaire (USA-2007) Visionaire (USA-2007) Visionaire (USA-2007) 

Evandro (Photoshoot 2007)
Credits: Cristiano Madureira

Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) 

Evandro (Photoshoot 2007)
Credits: Can Evgin

Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) Photoshoot (-2007) 

Face off (V Man USA Fall Winter 2007)
Credits: Richard Burbridge

V Man  (USA-2007) 

O rosto da vez (Vogue RG Brazil August 2007)
Credits: Henrique Gendre

Vogue RG (Brazil-2007) 

The life style of the rich and famous (Vogue Japan December 2007)
Credits: Terry Richardson

Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) Vogue (Japan-2007) 

Thongs up (Dansk Denmark Summer 2007)
Credits: Torkil Gudnason

Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007) Dansk (Denmark-2007)