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Evandro (GQ Style UK Spring Summer 2006)
Credits: Terry Richardson

GQ Style (UK-2006) GQ Style (UK-2006) 

Red hot chili (Image Ireland February 2006)
Credits: Amat Nimitpark

Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) Image (Ireland-2006) 

S'egarer dans le plaisir d'une nuit (Upstreet France December 2006)
Credits: Daniel Hill

Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) Upstreet (France-2006) 

Show some skin (GQ UK April 2006)
Credits: Richard Burbridge

GQ (UK-2006) GQ (UK-2006) GQ (UK-2006) GQ (UK-2006) GQ (UK-2006) GQ (UK-2006) GQ (UK-2006) 

The new curriculum (Arena UK August 2006)
Credits: Giampaolo Sgura

Arena (UK-2006) Arena (UK-2006) Arena (UK-2006) Arena (UK-2006) Arena (UK-2006) Arena (UK-2006)