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Breaking up is hard to do (Detour USA May 1999)
Credits: Bettina Rheims

Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999) 

Cannes Artist (W USA September 1999)
Credits: Jurgen Teller

W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) W (USA-1999) 

Claudia forever (Max Germany June 1999)
Credits: Max Vadukul

Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) Max (Germany-1999) 

Claudia Schiffer (Architectural Digest USA November 1999)
Credits: Durston Saylor

Architectural Digest (USA-1999) Architectural Digest (USA-1999) 

Claudia Schiffer stearing a new course on the sea of love (Hello UK 1999)

Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) 

Cosmo look (Cosmopolitan USA December 1999)

Cosmopolitan (USA-1999) Cosmopolitan (USA-1999) 

Die entdeckung der lust (In Style Germany December 1999)
Credits: Sante d'Orazio

In Style (Germany-1999) In Style (Germany-1999) In Style (Germany-1999) In Style (Germany-1999) 

Educating Claudia (Self USA February 1999)
Credits: Russell James

Self (USA-1999) Self (USA-1999) Self (USA-1999) 

Einmal so schon sein wie Claudia (Stern Germany June 1999)
Credits: Horst Diekgerdes

Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) Stern (Germany-1999) 

Les plus belles femmes du siecle (Photo France November 1999)

Photo (France-1999) Photo (France-1999) Photo (France-1999) Photo (France-1999) 

Man muss nicht perfekt sein (Amica Germany September 1999)
Credits: Diego Uchitel

Amica (Germany-1999) Amica (Germany-1999) Amica (Germany-1999) 

Millenium delirium (Vogue USA November 1999)
Credits: Annie Leibovitz

Vogue (USA-1999) 

Office Party (Allure USA March 1999)
Credits: Elfie Semotan

Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) Allure (USA-1999) 

Power und seele (Vogue Germany October 1999)
Credits: Christophe Kutner

Vogue (Germany-1999) Vogue (Germany-1999) Vogue (Germany-1999) Vogue (Germany-1999) Vogue (Germany-1999) Vogue (Germany-1999) 

Talks about why she's been drawn to Hollywood (Hello UK 23 January 1999)

Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) Hello (UK-1999) 

Tendencias (La Revista de El Mundo Spain 1 August 1999)
Credits: Bettina Rheims

La Revista de El Mundo (Spain-1999) La Revista de El Mundo (Spain-1999) La Revista de El Mundo (Spain-1999) La Revista de El Mundo (Spain-1999) La Revista de El Mundo (Spain-1999) La Revista de El Mundo (Spain-1999) 

The ice princess (Vogue Australia July 1999)
Credits: Carlotta Moye

Vogue (Australia-1999) Vogue (Australia-1999) Vogue (Australia-1999) Vogue (Australia-1999) 

The temptation of St Claudia (Arena UK October 1999)
Credits: Regan Cameron

Arena (UK-1999) Arena (UK-1999) Arena (UK-1999) Arena (UK-1999) Arena (UK-1999) Arena (UK-1999) Arena (UK-1999) 

Trucker girl (Detour USA May 1999)

Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999) Detour (USA-1999)