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11 results from year 2018 found in the database (78 images)

Amber (Love UK Spring Summer 2018)
Credits: Alasdair McLellan

Love (UK-2018) Love (UK-2018) Love (UK-2018) Love (UK-2018) Love (UK-2018) 

Amber (Vogue France September 2018)
Credits: Inez & Vinoodh

Vogue (France-2018) Vogue (France-2018) Vogue (France-2018) 

Amber you angel (Elle Russia September 2018)
Credits: Derek Kettela

Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) Elle (Russia-2018) 

Glam is in the air (Elle France 7 September 2018)
Credits: Nagi Sakai

Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) Elle (France-2018) 

La cruzada sostenible (Elle Spain June 2018)
Credits: Nino Munoz

Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) Elle (Spain-2018) 

Love letters to mini-skirts (Vogue UK April 2018)
Credits: Kloss Films

Vogue (UK-2018) 

Love so soft (Elle USA April 2018)
Credits: Alexi Lubomirski

Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) Elle (USA-2018) 

Red Sox (Calendar USA 2018)

Calendar (USA-2018) 

Sweet heart (Porter UK Spring 2018)
Credits: Sebastian Faena

Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) Porter (UK-2018) 

Tribute to a generation (Vogue Japan August 2018)
Credits: Luigi & Iango

Vogue (Japan-2018) Vogue (Japan-2018) Vogue (Japan-2018) Vogue (Japan-2018) Vogue (Japan-2018) 

True beauty (Douglas Germany May 2018)
Credits: Peter Lindbergh

Douglas (Germany-2018) Douglas (Germany-2018) Douglas (Germany-2018) Douglas (Germany-2018) Douglas (Germany-2018) Douglas (Germany-2018) Douglas (Germany-2018)