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7 TV (Greece-July 1993)Allure (USA-July 1993)Amica (Italy-27 December 1993)Cosmopolitan (UK-December 1993)Elle (France-29 November 1993)Elle (The Netherlands-June 1993)
Glamour (France-February 1993)Glamour (Italy-July 1993)Harper's & Queen (UK-November 1993)i-D (UK-September 1993)Lui (France-May 1993)Marie Claire (UK-April 1993)
Max The Book (France-July 1993)Ocean Drive (USA-May 1993)Panorama (Italy-10 January 1993)Ragazza (Spain-September 1993)Super Panorama (Italy-1993)TV Guide (USA-26 June 1993)
Vitamine (Buenos Aires-Fall Winter 1993)Vogue (Italy-May 1993)Vogue (USA-April 1993)Vogue (USA-June 1993)